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Healthy Smoke – Free Lifestyle (Smoking vs Vaping)

healthy smoke

Every person that is a non-smoker is considered to be living a healthy life. They should be proud of themselves because they were mentally strong enough to reject cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are many people that made the mistake of starting to smoke cigarettes even if they were aware of all the bad things that cigarettes can cause. If you are a non-smoker other than being proud of it, you should try to avoid being close to people that are smokers. You should avoid them because if you are in the same room with them while they are smoking, the smoke can affect you as if you were smoking a cigarette. That’s why it is important to have a group of non-smoking friends that you can hang out with without being exposed to cigarette smoke.

If you can’t seem to find non-smokers like yourself or you just simply don’t want to ruin a good friendship, then we suggest that you try and talk them into quitting smoking. Tell them all the benefits that you have as a non-smoker and all the bad things smoking does to them. If you don’t know the bad things that smoking does then read through this article and you will find out the awful truth about smoking.

Chance of Impotency

Throughout many years of research, it has been proven that smoking is heavily increasing the chance of impotency. As you might know nicotine is affecting blood vessels throughout the whole body even in the male reproductive organ. So, if you dreaming of starting a family one day but you are a chronic smoker, you should think about changing your lifestyle and the habit of smoking. If you don’t quit smoking cigarettes there are high chances that you might not be able to start a family because of nicotine and smoking, in general, affect the sperm count.

Bad Smell

bad smoke

A person that is not a smoker can easily recognize a person that is addicted to smoking simply by just their smell. A long-time smoker is recognizable from a mile away because of his smelly hair, breath, and clothes. Everything on him will have a strong smell of cigarette and most likely he is not aware of that because he is so used to that smell. This smell can be so bad that in some situation that it can lead to a torn friendships and relationships if the person that smokes don’t take any action about the smell.

Danger to Friends and People Around You

If you have chosen to smoke cigarettes, you should know that you are not only affecting your life and health but the life and health of all the other people that surround you. Many of those people are most likely non-smokers and they have chosen not to smoke because they care about their health. You as a smoker should try and not affect their lives by your smoking habits. If they are around you while you smoke, they should know that they are also inhaling all the bad chemicals that are in the cigarette. Some statistic has shown that more than 50 thousand people around the world die due to second-hand smoking every single year. Next time when you want to light up a cigarette, remember all the danger you are putting those people that close to you.