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Why you should quit smoking

why quit

Smoking tobacco has many health dangers and 0 health benefits. Nonetheless, people still consume tobacco and even if they try to quit smoking some fail because their conviction was not ironclad. For many people quitting smoking is a hard and tedious job, that is why we are here with additional reasons on why you should kick that bad habit out of your life.

Smoking can have major negative health issues in your sex life

It is a known fact that smoking can cause cancer. A fact that is less known is that it can also affect your sex life in a negative way.

For males, the problem with erectile dysfunction can be a common problem with smokers. Studies have shown that people who smoke have weaker erections as well as erections that last less than with the people who never smoked in their life.

For females the hormonal imbalance can cause major mood swings and can also increase the amount of pain during the PMS period, harming your desire to have sexual intercourse before or after the bleeding days.

Another issue that can happen for smokers is the lowered chance to have offspring. Infertility is a serious problem with long time smokers. For males, the production of sperms is cut by more than 50% with smokers, while females can get their reproductive organs damaged to the point where they can’t produce offspring.

Smoking can lead to Buerger’s disease- loss of limbs

loss of limbsBuerger’s disease is one of the worst diseases you can get as a smoker. The disease itself cuts blood flow and circulation to your arms and legs forcing you to decide whether you want to cut off your limbs or die. The longer you smoke, the higher the chance of blood clots forming. Additionally, gangrene can develop in the limbs which once picked up require immediate amputation.

Buerger’s disease can manifest not just from smoking but also from consuming any tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and sometimes inhaling significant amounts of tobacco.

The only way to fight Buerger’s disease is to quit using any forms of tobacco products and to focus on healthy exercise to increase the flow and circulation of blood in your body. Smoking is not worth losing your arms or legs over, so stop before it’s too late.