The many harmful effects of smoking on the human body

harmfull efects

Every time you smoke a cigarette you bring into your system thousands of different poisons. The cigarette alone has over 4000 chemicals, and many of those are known to be cancer causing.

So why do people smoke when they know it’s harmful to their body. It could be a combination of clever advertising, or it could just be that the people are not well informed about the adverse effects the tobacco has on their body.

So let us list them in case you or somebody you know wants to quit smoking, and they need that additional reason to stop.

Smoking damages your circulation

Whenever you smoke, cigarettes thousands of toxic chemicals enter your blood where they eventually start clogging the blood flow.

Smoking will make you have thicker blood and will also increase your blood pressure which will in turn tire your heart out faster. Additionally, smoking will clog your arteries and reduce the oxygen delivery from your blood to the rest of the body.

Smoking damages your central nervous system

The moment you smoke a cigarette your brain gets a fix of nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that will make you feel energized for a short period, and then later will give you withdrawal symptoms where you will feel more tired, nervous and generally in a bad mood.

In women, these effects from smoking also show bigger mood swings during the PMS time and as such can be dangerous to your cognitive abilities.

Smoking damages your respiratory system

Smokers are usually people with lots of breathing problems, but the issue does not stop with the smokers. Second-hand smokers such as children of parents who smoke also get many more problems and show advances issues with lung diseases and coughing. Smokers also are more prone to asthma attacks, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Damage to your hair fingernails, teeth and skin

smoking fingersSmokers usually have skin that looks damaged and worn out. Some of the damage done by smoking to the skin can be wrinkles on your face, premature aging signs, and lots of discoloration. The fingernails start forming yellow stains from the cigar buds, and the teeth take a hard hit.

Discoloration of the teeth is the most common sign of a long time smoker showing yellow-brown and sometimes black stains. The hair of smokers shows more signs of being dry and smells bad for several hours’ even if no cigarette has been lit for some time.

Bone fragility from smoking

When we say that smokers can have problems with their bones we don’t just mean joints that can hurt. Full blown osteoporosis can happen to people that don’t intake enough calcium as the toxic chemicals in cigarettes attach themselves to the bone and start eating away, making the bone brittle and highly susceptible to breakage. Once the bones get affected it takes over 10 years to get them back into the previous state.

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