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Learn about effects of quitting smoking


Smoking is the leading cause of many cancers, cardiovascular problems, breathing issues and many more health catastrophes.

When somebody quits smoking, there is short term, and long term effects that happen in the body and both are for the good of the person that stopped tobacco use and the people around him.

The main benefits of quitting smoking in the short term

The first signs happen as early as the first 20 minutes. After that first half, an hour is up to your blood pressure rises as your blood is not saturated with thousands of poisonous chemicals. After 2 hours your blood pressure has returned to normal states as if you were not smoking.

12 hours after your blood oxygen level is returned to normal, and your carbon monoxide levels are decreased.

On the first day, the risk of getting a heart attack is lowered by a significant amount.

If you wondered when does your sense of taste and smell return to normal, that happens after about two days, sometimes even three depending on the number of smokes you had per day.

After the first couple of days, but less than a week, the first signs of nicotine withdrawal start to show. As the nicotine levels in your blood decrease, you start to get more nervous and your body temperature can shift from hot to cold.

After one month your body starts to regenerate slowly. The lungs show huge improvements when amounts of oxygen intake are measured. If you start to exercise at this time, your stamina will improve significantly and in a much shorter time than if you exercised when you smoked.

After a year, which can be considered a long term effect, your cilia begins to regenerate. Cilia is responsible for mucus generation in your lungs when your body tries to get rid of harmful bacteria.

Long term effects

When you reach a year without smoking or second hand smoking the risk of coronary heart disease decreases significantly. Many heart diseases go down to levels of nonsmokers.

For people that still don’t smoke after 5-10 years the amount of regeneration that happens in their bodies is remarkable. First, all the levels and risks of numerous things drop down from 50-100 %.

Second, the functionality of body parts returns to pre-smoking degrees, and they start to improve and advance to the levels of people who never smoked.

Furthermore, risks of various cancers get lowered. Cancers such as the mouth, throat, esophagus, lung cancers and much more.

After 15 years have passed your body has replaced all the cells in itself, and you have the same functionality like people who never smoked or never found themselves in areas of smokers. It is amazing how long it takes for the body to cleanse itself from such a small thing as a cigarette. So make sure you never start smoking unless you are ready to spend the next 15 years cleaning up your mess.

Benefits of Leaving Cigarettes

leaving cigarettes

If you are one of those people that need a little motivation that will help you quit smoking, then you are in the right place. We have put together some benefits that non-smokers have to motivate you to quit your bad habit of smoking.

No More Food Cravings

Some studies have shown that nicotine speeds up a person’s metabolism. A fast metabolism can result in you eating a much larger portion of food. Eating more will eventually lead to gaining a lot of weight. When you remove the nicotine from your body, you will feel less hungry than before. In some cases, people get overweight and they can’t lose the weight, but the solution is in front of them just simply quit smoking and your metabolism will eventually slow down.

Cleaner and Healthier Lungs

People know that smoking is bad for their lungs, but they still continue to smoke. Why is that we don’t know, maybe because they don’t completely understand how bad can cigarettes affect the lungs. Some people realize how bad it is when it is too late and they already have lung cancer. The worst thing about cigarettes is the tar that is accumulating in the person’s lungs. That tar can, later on, lead to many health issues one of them being lung cancer.

Having More Money

One of the main reasons why people stop smoking is not because they want to live a healthy life but because they need to save money and what better way than quitting smoking. Smoking can be very expensive, especially if you are a chronic smoker and you smoke more than a pack a day. The cost of the cigarettes is depending on the quality and the brand (name) of them. Try and think about how much money can you save in just one month if you stop smoking it will add up to be a lot of money. All that money that you spend on cigarettes you can now spend on other things that can improve your life.

Improve Your Social Life

When you start smoking you may notice that you have lost some friends because of that. Some people just don’t like to be amongst smokers and if you become one they will just simply stop hanging out with you. Most likely you will find a group of friends that are also smokers, but do you really want that?

social life

To have your whole life based on whether you are a smoker or not, probably not.  So, leave your bad habit of smoking and some of the good friends might even return. Or one of the benefits of non-smokers is that you have the option of choosing a life partner that is also a non-smoker because girls that don’t smoke usually want to have a boyfriend that is a smoker.

Full of Energy

The people that are chronic smokers tend to have less energy than the people that don’t smoke. That is mainly because their lung capacity is much smaller due to all the tar and chemicals that they inhale.