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Every person that is a non-smoker is considered to be living a healthy life. They should be proud of themselves because they were mentally strong enough to reject cigarettes. Unfortunately, there are many people that made the mistake of starting to smoke cigarettes even if they were aware of all the bad things that cigarettes can cause. If you are a non-smoker other than being proud of it, you should try to avoid being close to people that are smokers. You should avoid them because if you are in the same room with them while they are smoking, the smoke can affect you as if you were smoking a cigarette. That’s why it is important to have a group of non-smoking friends that you can hang out with without being exposed to cigarette smoke.

If you can’t seem to find non-smokers like yourself or you just simply don’t want to ruin a good friendship, then we suggest that you try and talk them into quitting smoking. Tell them all the benefits that you have as a non-smoker and all the bad things smoking does to them. If you don’t know the bad things that smoking does then read through this article and you will find out the awful truth about smoking.

Chance of Impotency

Throughout many years of research, it has been proven that smoking is heavily increasing the chance of impotency. As you might know nicotine is affecting blood vessels throughout the whole body even in the male reproductive organ. So, if you dreaming of starting a family one day but you are a chronic smoker, you should think about changing your lifestyle and the habit of smoking. If you don’t quit smoking cigarettes there are high chances that you might not be able to start a family because of nicotine and smoking, in general, affect the sperm count.

Bad Smell

bad smoke

A person that is not a smoker can easily recognize a person that is addicted to smoking simply by just their smell. A long-time smoker is recognizable from a mile away because of his smelly hair, breath, and clothes. Everything on him will have a strong smell of cigarette and most likely he is not aware of that because he is so used to that smell. This smell can be so bad that in some situation that it can lead to a torn friendships and relationships if the person that smokes don’t take any action about the smell.

Danger to Friends and People Around You

If you have chosen to smoke cigarettes, you should know that you are not only affecting your life and health but the life and health of all the other people that surround you. Many of those people are most likely non-smokers and they have chosen not to smoke because they care about their health. You as a smoker should try and not affect their lives by your smoking habits. If they are around you while you smoke, they should know that they are also inhaling all the bad chemicals that are in the cigarette. Some statistic has shown that more than 50 thousand people around the world die due to second-hand smoking every single year. Next time when you want to light up a cigarette, remember all the danger you are putting those people that close to you.

How smoking commercials influenced our culture

smoke comercial

The multi-billion industry known as big tobacco has been present in almost all aspects of modern life as we know it.

A decade or two ago, tobacco commercials were not banned on television. In fact, they were promoted by the biggest names in the entertainment industry and also by doctors. Yes, you heard right, doctors were advertising smoking on TV as if it was a healthy thing. After some time, there were new laws in place to protect the younger generation from harmful smoking commercials as the smoking epidemic was getting out of hand. But the Big tobacco would not bend their knee so easy.

In fact, in the next couple of years, the tobacco industry shifted their focus from standard commercials into product placement in all kinds of TV programs.

The movie industry and tobacco culture

In the early stages of the TV industry, the tobacco brands started placing their product in the main cultural programs. For instance, the age of the western cowboy shows and movies were littered with Marlboro cigarettes and lucky strikes. They were usually associated with the hero of the movie and as such were held in high regard by the viewers.

If viewers were asked about their thoughts on the cigarettes after the film, they would usually respond that the cigarettes made the hero look more dangerous, badass, and rugged. The product placement has not stopped appearing in movies and TV shows from the time it has been put into motion, but it has declined in some instances.

Kid-friendly shows featured less and fewer heroes who smoked and would be blurred out in the background if a smoking commercial could be seen.

 How the tobacco industry made indirect commercials legal?

The tobacco industry took a big hit when they were banned from directly portraying their product in the commercials. Not long after they were hit, they started making an indirect commercial about their product but without the featured model who would light their brand of cigarette.


For instance, Marlboro’s first commercial featured a hard-working man who loved to tinker with his car engine, for some reason he also loved to light smoke while working on it. In those times it was legal to show the model smoking a cigarette during the commercial, but if the same commercial were made today, we would only see a man working on his car and saying that he needs his Marlboro to relax. No box of cigarettes would be placed in the commercial making it legal to associate a hardworking man with the smokes but without directly showing him smoking the product.

There are much more ways the tobacco industry has indirectly placed their products on TV but the more we move forward, the less we will see tobacco ads since the world is fighting this industry and treating it as a disease of the whole human kind.

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How smoking affects your brain


Addiction from nicotine is a serious problem in a huge number of the world population. The effects of smoking are well known but many people still choose to smoke, and some scientist think that they can’t stop using conventional methods since it’s their brain that is not letting them quit.

To first explain the medical side effects of smoking

Smoking causes significant issues where your body gets less oxygen, where it lowers your blood pressure, and in return, your heart pumps less blood and a lot slower.

The brain itself is under constant attack from the smoke you inhale when you light a cigarette.

First of all, the whole addiction happens in the brain. Nicotine addiction is one of the toughest addictions to beat for an average person. The changes that happen inside your brain depend on the amount of time you have been smoking, but some are present in all smokers.

After the first week, your brain gets over saturated with the nicotine levels, and it has to adapt and accommodate the new levels of nicotine that are regularly getting pumped to it. Once you get your dose, you are fine, but the moment you don’t feed those receptors the amount they need to feel relaxed, you begin to feel nervous, and the side effects of nicotine withdrawal start to manifest themselves.

These can include itching, strong impulses, mood swings, anxiousness, easy irritation by your surroundings, and much more.

But scientists have also found a direct connection with how the use of tobacco and how smokers perceive other people. For example, smokers will be more accepting of other smokers and will initiate conversations with them, while they will indirectly push the nonsmokers away. Many smokers find the company of other smokers more relaxing than of nonsmokers.

Also if smokers see other people smoke in movies and commercials, they associate them with the term badass or cool or hero, when in nonsmokers they don’t create any special feelings. It’s an interesting issue when analyzed because we can then understand how smoking has a psychological effect on our brain.

Another side effect of smoking is lower oxygen levels in the brain

brain2This can indirectly be the reason many people get intoxicated faster when they go out for a drink. Your brain requires a huge amount of oxygen to be regularly supplied to it so it can function properly. Every time you get less oxygen many of your skills get lowered by a significant amount. If you don’t get enough oxygen, you can faint or fall, and in some cases, you can die.

The fact that smoking can lower that intake of oxygen can get people highly intoxicated when they pair it up with alcohol. That can create a deadly combination due to poor decision making. Smoking can also lower that oxygen level in second-hand smokers which is a problem for people that don’t smoke but went out and drank a bit since it can get them into the same poor decision making state as the smokers who drink find themselves.

The many harmful effects of smoking on the human body

harmfull efects

Every time you smoke a cigarette you bring into your system thousands of different poisons. The cigarette alone has over 4000 chemicals, and many of those are known to be cancer causing.

So why do people smoke when they know it’s harmful to their body. It could be a combination of clever advertising, or it could just be that the people are not well informed about the adverse effects the tobacco has on their body.

So let us list them in case you or somebody you know wants to quit smoking, and they need that additional reason to stop.

Smoking damages your circulation

Whenever you smoke, cigarettes thousands of toxic chemicals enter your blood where they eventually start clogging the blood flow.

Smoking will make you have thicker blood and will also increase your blood pressure which will in turn tire your heart out faster. Additionally, smoking will clog your arteries and reduce the oxygen delivery from your blood to the rest of the body.

Smoking damages your central nervous system

The moment you smoke a cigarette your brain gets a fix of nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical that will make you feel energized for a short period, and then later will give you withdrawal symptoms where you will feel more tired, nervous and generally in a bad mood.

In women, these effects from smoking also show bigger mood swings during the PMS time and as such can be dangerous to your cognitive abilities.

Smoking damages your respiratory system

Smokers are usually people with lots of breathing problems, but the issue does not stop with the smokers. Second-hand smokers such as children of parents who smoke also get many more problems and show advances issues with lung diseases and coughing. Smokers also are more prone to asthma attacks, pneumonia, and bronchitis.

Damage to your hair fingernails, teeth and skin

smoking fingersSmokers usually have skin that looks damaged and worn out. Some of the damage done by smoking to the skin can be wrinkles on your face, premature aging signs, and lots of discoloration. The fingernails start forming yellow stains from the cigar buds, and the teeth take a hard hit.

Discoloration of the teeth is the most common sign of a long time smoker showing yellow-brown and sometimes black stains. The hair of smokers shows more signs of being dry and smells bad for several hours’ even if no cigarette has been lit for some time.

Bone fragility from smoking

When we say that smokers can have problems with their bones we don’t just mean joints that can hurt. Full blown osteoporosis can happen to people that don’t intake enough calcium as the toxic chemicals in cigarettes attach themselves to the bone and start eating away, making the bone brittle and highly susceptible to breakage. Once the bones get affected it takes over 10 years to get them back into the previous state.

Why you should quit smoking

why quit

Smoking tobacco has many health dangers and 0 health benefits. Nonetheless, people still consume tobacco and even if they try to quit smoking some fail because their conviction was not ironclad. For many people quitting smoking is a hard and tedious job, that is why we are here with additional reasons on why you should kick that bad habit out of your life.

Smoking can have major negative health issues in your sex life

It is a known fact that smoking can cause cancer. A fact that is less known is that it can also affect your sex life in a negative way.

For males, the problem with erectile dysfunction can be a common problem with smokers. Studies have shown that people who smoke have weaker erections as well as erections that last less than with the people who never smoked in their life.

For females the hormonal imbalance can cause major mood swings and can also increase the amount of pain during the PMS period, harming your desire to have sexual intercourse before or after the bleeding days.

Another issue that can happen for smokers is the lowered chance to have offspring. Infertility is a serious problem with long time smokers. For males, the production of sperms is cut by more than 50% with smokers, while females can get their reproductive organs damaged to the point where they can’t produce offspring.

Smoking can lead to Buerger’s disease- loss of limbs

loss of limbsBuerger’s disease is one of the worst diseases you can get as a smoker. The disease itself cuts blood flow and circulation to your arms and legs forcing you to decide whether you want to cut off your limbs or die. The longer you smoke, the higher the chance of blood clots forming. Additionally, gangrene can develop in the limbs which once picked up require immediate amputation.

Buerger’s disease can manifest not just from smoking but also from consuming any tobacco products, such as chewing tobacco and sometimes inhaling significant amounts of tobacco.

The only way to fight Buerger’s disease is to quit using any forms of tobacco products and to focus on healthy exercise to increase the flow and circulation of blood in your body. Smoking is not worth losing your arms or legs over, so stop before it’s too late.

What you can do to resist tobacco withdrawals

resist tobaco

Quitting smoking is hard. The withdrawals might be so strong for some people that they decide it’s not worth it and they go back to smoking. Here are some of our top suggestions on how to resist tobacco withdrawals and fight the urge to consume tobacco.

Try nicotine patches

Many people can’t fight the urge to smoke even though they want to quit for many health reasons. For those people that just can’t handle the nicotine withdrawals, they should try the nicotine patches. These patches will provide a certain nicotine fix for the body so you can fight those cravings for a cigarette for a longer period. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to drop the nicotine patches and rid yourself of all smoking withdrawals.

Avoid daily routine smoking triggers

For a smoker, the day starts with a cup of coffee and a cigarette. If you are one of those that loves to smoke during coffee brakes, our best advice is to switch to drinking tea if you get a desire to smoke every time you drink coffee. The urge is there because the coffee is the trigger if you remove the trigger the urge can be held back.

Never allow yourself even one

Many smokers try to quit smoking, but they allow themselves that one cigarette a day. The justification of “I need just one” is prolonging the inevitable where your desire to smoke will just overwhelm your strength to abstain. If you have decided to quit smoking then that one more cigarette won’t make a difference, and it sure won’t help you quit smoking faster. So make sure you don’t even smoke that “just one more” cigarette today.

Start working out

working out

Many people who quit smoking don’t know what to do to reduce stress levels. That one is easy, work out more! The more you work out, the less your brain will be concentrated to your nicotine withdrawals. Plus, the best way to get the toxins out is to sweat them out with a good workout.

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